*doris [dor-ris]

Adjective, doris, dorising, dorised

  1. In regard to wandering aimlessly
  2. In regard to having no particular purpose
  3. Going for drive or ride, just because you can.

Origin of Doris’ing

A term first used by Sally Benstead (Nee Williams-Wynn, Nee Hawkins, née Cooper) aka Muv (my mum) when going for a drive and usually ending up in a garden center cafe eating cake and having a cup of tea.

So named after old folks referred to as Stan (wearing a flat cap) and Doris (holding her handbag on her knee) in their old, beige, Volvo driving down UK laneways 15mph under the speed because they don’t really have anywhere to go, they’re just going for a drive.

Muv and I dorising in the early 80s
Frances Carleton

Frances Carleton

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