On a glorious Winter’s morning I received the news that my cat, ORen, is now in the palliative care stage of her cancer. A few months ago she was diagnosed and had part of her nose frozen to remove the troublesome carcinoma. Sadly, this is not a cancer that chemo works on, so a future of nose jobs was ahead of her.

Unfortunately for her the disease has progressed rapidly and there will be no more surgery. If you’d have been close, you’d have heard my heart crack.

ORen faces a future, while shorter than anticipated, of heated blankets, the yummy foods, and cuddles. So many cuddles.

On my way to work, I decided to stop in the new suburb of Denman Prospect for breakfast. The day ahead was looking long and it was unlikely that my appetite would be tickled by much. I have eat, so why not something with all the food groups.

Denman Prospect is still being built, this means that there’s two demographics out and about on a weekday morning. Mum’s who dress their babies with oversized head bows and tradies.

The patronage of the cafe was predominantly the later. Hi-viz in yellow or orange off set the neck tattoos, mullets and ancient, dusty, beanies. They were all tucking into food that seemed to be oozing egg yolk.

I had to read the menu to find what I was looking for. The descriptions indicated a complexity that you rarely find in your average greasy spoon. This is not that. It’s Facebook page self describes it as ‘high-end’. Further adding to my belief that once building is complete, rough trade will be wholly replaced with Bugaboos and tiny dogs in bags.

I guess I’m feeling jaded. I find I’m not doing well with bad news at the moment. I’m tired, in pain and generally feeling quite alone. Although I know that isn’t completely true. There are people I can talk too, but what i really needed at this moment was a hug and a shoulder to cry on.

I ordered the Benny Dew.

It listed hollandaise and poached eggs among the ingredients.

Close enough today.

And tea. I needed a tea. To make things sing they use leaves, in a pot. I’m pretty sure I consumed about a months worth in one sitting. The pot was huge.

Nope. I’m feeling flat. Even the Tradie stretching out his hamstring in tight King Gee’s failed to illicit the usual, appreciative, inhalation. I watched for a moment before i even realised what was happening.

I poured myself a cup and thought back to the day ORen entered my life. A four week old kitten with her litter mates at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. Her parents prize winners, her the runt, hidden from view, while her brothers and sister got fondled by strangers, because of her extended appendage.

I asked to see her. The human scoffed and declared, ‘she has a tail!’

I really didn’t care that she had a tail. The tiny bundle was plonked in my hand, she looked up at me with her big green eyes, and scuttled up my arm, into my neck and started purring in my ear as she headbutted the side of my face.

I handed her back and as we walked out my friend said to me; ‘You are so getting another cat!’

Within four weeks, Puss had a little sister. It wasn’t until later that Fe would enter the house and rule the roost, despite ORen being more than twice her size and having ten tiny knives on hand.

The eggs arrived. Complex to say the least. They looked pretty, but I’m not entirely sure the ‘freshly made hollandaise’ was actually hollandaise. It was sweet with zero hint of acid. it was more like…egg yolk.

Serving it piled up on deep fried potato cakes was different. A nice change that rendered the entire meal gluten free. There was also cream cheese, bacon, spinach, and the kitchen sink, but no asparagus. Maybe they were out, like they were out of mushrooms.

It filled a hole. But not the hole in my soul at the thought of ORen’s final days.

Maybe I’ll come back when I’m not filled with malaise?

It might be a while.

Location: Morning Dew
Address: Shop 5 Felstead Vista, Denman Prospect ACT
Website: Facebook page

EB Price: $18

Beautiful ORen. A Japanese Bobtail saved from drowning as a kitten because she has a tail.

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