When I had to go into Canberra city centre often, also known as Civic for the non locals, I would have occasion to walk past a place with what I thought was an odd name. This was back before I was a regular coffee drinker and well before I could tell the difference between a good one and a bad one.

Now I venture into Civic infrequently, but I still walk past this place.

I decided to try out the coffee. After all the massive queue of people and long wait time must make it worth it. It was. Their coffee is delicious and I also enjoyed their service with a smile.

Their take away cups have character and when dining in you get one of the many collectible ‘places to visit’ spoons.

Naturally when I saw they had my dish of choice on the menu I had to give it a go. After a particularly long and trying supervision session where many hardcore topics had been discussed, I took myself across the road for a little self care in the form of an early lunch.

I opted for the ham when I ordered because I was trying to keep it light. the others options where the classics of bacon or smoked salmon.

With minimal seating inside, I pulled up a stool and seated myself at the bench, the only sitting option left. Next to me was a bunch of dying flowers in a vase and a pile of beverages in cardboard and plastic that hadn’t quite made their way to the over sized fridge behind me.

Next to the drinks was a half completed jigsaw puzzle, pieces sorted in trays, ready for waiting coffee aficionados.

I waited for my food as I drank my latte. Really good. I always appreciate not getting the stick eye when I ask for ordinary milk. These guys seem to appreciate that I didn’t ask for a overly sweetened dessert that masquerades as a coffee.

It’s always sad when you’re disappointed. These eggs left me feeling full, but unsatisfied. Somehow, even with all that sauce they managed to be tasteless.

Like the polished concrete wall I was facing for the duration of my stay I had a grey sensation inside. Bland. Unadventurous.

I’ve had worse. After all these weren’t bad, just boring.

I didn’t even have access to a pepper grinder to add taste bud popping sprinkles to the top.

The copious amounts of sauce, plain spinach, unbuttered bread and watery ham it all added up to a classic looking Eggs B but without all the classic taste.

Such a shame. Their coffee is awesome.

And I’ll be back for that.

Location: The Bearded Bean
Address: 5/21 Genge St, Canberra ACT 2601
Website: Facebook page

EB Price: $15.90

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